The old adage is true. Home is definitely where the heart is.

Home is where we spend most of our lives. It is where we spend our holidays with friends and family. It’s the place we watch our children grow up and the place we spoil our grandkids. The Alterra story is about bringing that narrative to you. As a buyer we want you to experience the power of building wealth through homeownership. Let us be the first to say, “welcome home”.

Alexis Revis (Homeowner)

Alexis is a first-time homebuyer, with the insight and dedication of our team she was able to purchase her first home.

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Alexis Revis - Homeowner

Luis Lopez - Homeowner

Luis Lopez (Homeowner)

After quickly closing his loan, the Alterra team was able to help Luis become a proud new homeowner and set him on the path to Build Wealth Through Homeownership.

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Lennard and Barbara Yates (Homeowner)

An older couple, Lennard and Barbara wanted a lender they could trust. They felt Alterra fit the bill. After experiencing an easy, organized, and efficient loan process, their choice was confirmed.

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Lennard and Barbara Yates - Homeowners